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If you have suffered any adverse reaction from any herbal supplement made or sold by Blue Planet Pharma Corp. you should report it on this site. This site will be available before we start shipping product. If you need to make any adverse report before the forms are available, please make your report by email or by a USPS letter. Thank you.

If you have suffered any adverse reactions to our DevilsLube personal lubricant or any product sold by Blue Planet Leaf -- our body care division -- please report them on this website. If you have suffered any adverse effect from third party products distributed by our Blue Planet Box subscription service, those should also be reported here.

We are not aware of any other lubricant makers or distributors having an adverse reaction reporting site, so if you have had any adverse reactions to any other personal or sexual lubricant or a similar product, please report those here.

Adverse Reaction/Affects Reporting Forms for Blue Planet Pharma Corp. will be available shortly.

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Report Adverse Reactions by Email:

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